A Symposium of Hope

Virtual Cancer Conference

"A Symposium of Hope," is 6-week virtual cancer conference. 

We will include a wide range of speakers including doctors from different fields of science and medicine, cancer fighters, survivors, supporters and much more. Click on the link to sign up for FREE, and you will receive your Cancer Fight Club login to access all of the videos.

Week 1 - Aug 19th: Peter Griffiths and Angel Naranjo (Synergy Education)
Week 2 - Aug 26th: Marc Slugh and Lisa Dimond (Shine Beyond Cancer)
Week 3 - Sept 2nd: Dr. Nidia Carerro (MD & Anesthesiologist) 
Week 4 - Sept 9th: Nitin Ramachandran (Brain Cancer Survivor)
Week 5 - Sept 16th: Guy DelCorso
Week 6 - Sept 23rd: Dr. Bob Hoffman & David Octavio Gandell

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